For years, I was that “round the way girl” who had the attitude that most confident women have, “I don’t need makeup, I’m already beautiful!” Until one day, more than a decade ago, a close friend of mine asked to apply just a little makeup on myself. I agreed and haven’t looked back since!  So, I was graced with a passion I never knew I had.
Now, I aim to cultivate the same passion in women across the world by showcasing my artistry, providing educational services, and giving them the tools to win - in the skin they’re in!I have created a beautee movement and I want to personally invite YOU to join me as we "blend, build, and beat" through:
BEAUTEE SHOPPE COSMETICS - Founded in 2018, includes our line of exclusive, quality, innovative makeup products and our educational products provided through our Services and Slay Academy all of which are "Designed to make an amateur feel like a pro and the slayage of a pro effortless".
BEAUTEE NATION -   Which includes the following:
  • THE BEAUTEE SHOPPE - a free Sisterhood of women who love God and makeup. Join the Movement!
  • MAKEUP MENTED MENTORSHIP - our exclusive paid subscription group.  "Unleash the next level of beautee in YOU!" 
  • BEAUTEE ELITE - our hand selected PR (Public Relations) team.  "There is beautee in every woman, but only the best are called Elite!"
Want to follow me on Facebook? Beautee Shoppe Cosmetics; Instagram?  @BeauteeShoppe_Cosmetics or @LisaP_Beautee;
TikTok? @LisaPBeautee and @TheBeauteeShoppe


Want to contact me by email?  My personal email isn't public, but you can always email and my staff will make sure I get your message.


Have a product that you want me to try? I do not do PR.  I'm a wife, a Mom, a Sister, a Daughter, AND I'm running a growing brand, so I have to focus all of my marketing energy on promoting my brand.  I love to purchase new products, try them for myself, and tell my supporters about great products that I find organically, so I have a very strict policy around the promotion of complimentary products:
  • The acceptance of any complimentary products is not a commitment to promote items received or the brand providing them. 
  • All items received will be thoroughly inspected prior to acceptance. 
  • If used/applied/worn, all products will be objectively and subjectively evaluated for quality, look, feel, functionality, and overall appeal. 
  • Only items that are favorably evaluated will be displayed in photos, videos, or lives.  
  • If complimentary products are featured in a photo, video or live, the brand will be noted and/or tagged in connection with the feature, with no expectation of compensation or additional promotion. 
  • If at any time any supporter inquires as to where featured products can be procured the brand's publicly available information will be provided. 
  • Any accepted complimentary products that are not chosen for use/application/wear will not be returned to sender.  Negative feedback will not be given - directly or indirectly.   If this is agreeable, please email, provide the business name, website, social media pages, and relevant information regarding the products offered and the business type - i.e. Minority/Woman/Small Business Owned, etc. 
  • Packages received without receipt of an affirmative email from the CEO or COO and/or from an address not provided via email will be refused at the Post Office.