Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Beautee Queenz

Beautee Queenz Unleashed is a private subscription based Facebook Group where you can "unleash the next level of beautee in YOU!"

Membership is limited to those who pay a monthly fee in exchange for exclusive content, including: weekly live tutorials, pre-recorded how-to videos, discounts and sales, learn about new products FIRST,monthly Members Only Makeup Classes, and discounts on Services and Slay Academy offerings!

Join this exclusive, private, subscription based Facebook Group NOW and "Unleash the next level of beautee in YOU!!!" by clicking HERE.

Once your Subscriber Enrollment Form is processed you will receive a link to the Private Facebook Group. You'll need to submit a request to join the group. Your Facebook name, must match the information provided on the Subscriber Enrollment Form.

If you did not complete the Subscriber Enrollment Form please do so or you will not be able to access the group. A link to the form was emailed to you when you registered.

Log into your Beautee Shoppe Account, click on Subscriptions, and update the billing information in your Beautee Queenz Unleashed Subscription.

No problem. Log into your Beautee Shoppe Account, click on Subscriptions, and edit your Beautee Queenz Unleashed Subscription. Please note: Subscriptions must be maintained for one full billing cycle prior to cancellation.

Once your paid month ends you'll automatically be removed from the Beautee Queenz Unleashed group and from Members Only content on our Website.

If you change your mind feel free to reactivate your subscription.

If you were already in the group and your renewal payment was not successfully billed then your Subscription has been Suspended due to non-payment. You will need to Reactivate your Subscription by logging into your Beautee Shoppe Account, clicking on Subscriptions, and updating the billing information for your Beautee Queenz Unleashed Subscription.

Once you verify that your renewal payment was successful please contact


Please review our Shipping Policy.

U.S. Postal Service First Class and Priority Mail packages may require more time to be delivered due to limited transportation availability as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) impacts to the United States. For specific residential service disruption information click here.

Yes we do! Our website will automatically calculate what it will cost us to ship your package via USPS. You will be responsible for any additional Customs, Duties, and Taxes associated with receiving your package once it reaches the destination country. For more information about Customs, Duties, and Taxes click here.

Please allow 7 - 10 business days for delivery, which includes 2 - 3 days for order processing for all orders regardless of shipping method selected.

If you chose standard shipping and provided a valid address*, you should expect to receive your order within 10 days. Typically we ship all orders received the following business day. On rare occasions shipping supply delays occur, but delivery never exceeds this window. Please also note that USPS delivery times are being impacted by COVID-19.

If you paid for expedited shipping , The USPS guarantees delivery of Priority Mail within 3 days and Express Mail within 1 day of receipt excluding Sunday. You should expect to receive your Express Mail order within 4 days, and your Priority mail order within 6 days including Sunday. Please also note that USPS delivery times are being impacted by COVID-19, thus they've added two days to Priority mail guarantees and one day to Express.

*If the address provided is listed as unavailable by USPS, we will contact you via email to obtain the correct address. Delays on your part to respond will delay shipment and delivery of your package.

If you haven't received shipment confirmation, immediately chat with us or email us providing the order number and the correct shipping address.

If you've already received shipment confirmation and you have mail forwarding in place with USPS, no worries. They'll forward it to your new address.

If you've already received shipment confirmation and you do not have mail forwarding in place, cross your fingers and pray that its returned to sender. We'll let you know if it is returned and how much you can pay to reship it to the correct address.

Please note: we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Once your package enters the USPS system we are no longer responsible for it. Only USPS can locate your package. If your package notes that it was delivered, only USPS can locate your package. You will need to request a Missing Mail Search.

If you paid an additional fee for Priority shipping, and USPS is unable to locate your package after the Missing Mail Search is complete, notify us by email at, so that we can assist you with filing an insurance claim with USPS. This process may take up to one month to complete. 

My Order

All orders are final, so changes cannot be made. 

If the code will expire soon, and it is NOT an exclusive, recipient only code, share it with a friend. 

If the code never expires, save it and use it towards a future order. 

Please inspect your products upon receipt.  We only accept returns when an item is received with a manufacturer defect or was sent in error.  If any item is defective or damaged and/or if you receive an incorrect item, send a photo of the items received, along with the packing slip or receipt within 48 hours of shipment delivery to Once the email is reviewed and a defect or error is detected, we will require that the item be returned.  We reserve the right to substitute Beautee Bucks for the ordered item if the  item is no longer available.

You can view, edit or cancel your auto-ship subscription by logging into your account . Please note, you must complete one auto-ship prior to editing the frequency of or cancelling your subscription.

Product Use and Care

To maintain the shape and integrity of your brushes, do NOT immerse brush in water, soak in water, or pull on bristles! Follow the below cleaning instructions to elongate the life span of your brushes:

Use our Beautee Makeup Brush & Sponge Soap Bar to cleanse the bristles of your brush ONLY as directed. Click HERE to see a demonstration.

As an alternative, we suggest using a very mild soap - like Dove Liquid For Sensitive Skin.

Wet the bristles with warm to hot water. Never clean your brushes with cold water!

Squeeze a pea sized amount of soap directly onto the bristles.

Using light to medium pressure, gently rub the bristles on to the palm of your hand or on a brush mat until a lather forms. DO NOT RUB VIGOROUSLY - this will destroy the shape of the bristles.

GENTLY press the bristles to remove the makeup and suds, lather, rinse, and repeat until brushes rinse clear of all makeup.

GENTLY press excess water from the bristles and pat them on a clean dry towel.

Spray the bristles and handle with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol.

Hang your brushes upside down or lay then flat on a clean dry cloth to dry.

Always store your lashes in a case to keep them clean and dry. To clean your lashes and remove old glue, be sure to first wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Then:

Use your fingers or a clean dry spoolie (mascara wand) to gently remove any old lash glue or debris from the lash band.

Use a lash cleaner like Precleanse from Dermalogica and water to gently cleanse each lash by massaging the mixture onto the lash. Use the spoolie to gently brush through the lashes.

With very low water pressure, rinse the lash with water.

Gently pat dry with a lent free paper towel.

Use a clean dry spoolie to gently reshape the lash.

Place lash in a lash case being sure to shape the band to the lash holder and leave case open to dry.

Beautee Shoppe Cosmetics, LLC Skin Care products are custom made to provide very specific skin care benefits. Each item includes a detailed description for how the products should be used, when they should not be used, and how to care for electronic items. To view use and care instructions for our skin care items click HERE.

Beautee Shoppe Cosmetics, LLC prides itself on designing products that make an amateur feel like a pro and the slayage of a pro effortless! Each of our product listings provides detailed use instructions and/or suggestions. To see a product's details, hover over or select the Shoppe tab, hover over or select the product category, and select the product from the list of products in that category. You can also use the search tool to find the product. If the product is no longer in our inventory email us at

Item Availability

Our VIP Pre-Order Sales allow our VIP Customers to take advantage of deeply discounted prices on custom, backordered, unreleased and/or limited quantity items by reserving the items prior to their availability. 

That means that in some instances, we do not finalize our order with our manufacturer(s) until the Pre-Order Sale window closes.  At that time, our manufacturer begins production on our bulk order, and this can take up to four weeks to complete. 

In most instances, our bulk order is already in production when we make a VIP Pre-Order Sale available and we have an expected ship date prearranged with our manufacturer(s).

In either instance, we typically receive notification that our order is preparing to ship within three days of production. Within the following seven days we receive tracking information for our bulk order and typically we receive our order within two weeks of that date.

Once we receive our order, we review the items for quality, process all pre-orders, package, label, and ship to our VIP Customers.  This process can take up to three months!  Our VIP Customers receive email notifications informing them of the anticipated arrival of our order as well as when their orders are prepared to ship.  If you're waiting on a VIP Pre-Order please search your email for notifications from  Your email provider may have sent them to spam.  If you have not received any please contact us at ASAP.

We know how it feels to have your heart set on an item only to discover that it is on backorder, especially when its listed on a website. Like most businesses, we allow out of stock items to show on our site, so that customers can refer to the descriptive information for products that they already own and to ensure that potential customers are aware of the items in our product catalog.

The best way to ensure you don't miss an item when its restocked is to sign up for our email notifications.  We will notify you when items are added to our catalog, re-stocked, discounted, etc.  Sign up for our email notifications HERE. We will notify you of all of the aforementioned, and don't worry - we hate SPAM too, so there'll be NONE of that!