Limited Edition Beautee Brush Bundle

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      Limited Edition Beautee Brush Bundle - Our Logo Signature Beautee Slay Bag and all 12 of our standalone brushes:
      • The Beautee Brush - Our Signature Brush! This all over face brush has the power to eliminate up to four face brushes. Great for Concealer (highlight), Foundation (liquid or cream), Contour (liquid, cream, and powder), and Face Powders (baking, setting, bronze, and highlight).
      • The Powder Brush - Set makeup and blur imperfections in one effortless sweep or pat - features super soft, velvety bristles that pick up the perfect amount of product and distributes them evenly, ensuring smooth and precise application.
      • The Beautee Stippling Brush - creates high definition results with all liquid and cream mediums of makeup. Its duo-fiber design allows it to pick up and hold product in the base bristles—while the top, feathery bristles give you a smooth, finish.
      • The Beautee Buffer Brush - This slanted, dome shaped, buffer brush is perfect for buffing and blurring out product especially in those small spaces - under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, and around the eyebrows. Also great for applying liquid and powder contour and bronzer.
      • TBS01 The Concealer Brush - It’s slanted sides makes it the perfect multi-tasker to shape and clean up brows, apply eye shadow, and create the perfect eye base. The pointy tip at the head is perfect for spot correcting blemishes, concealing dark spots and circles, and perfecting smaller areas of the face and eyes.
      • TBS00 The Patter Brush - The soft, paddle shaped, semi dense structure makes patting product into the skin effortless. The rounded bristles allow for an even and flawless blend creating an airbrushed appearance.
      • The Beautee Glow Brush - is a slim, diamond shaped brush, designed for precision highlighting on the cheekbones and brow bones to achieve a strobing effect.
      • The Beautee Setting Brush - is perfect for under-eye setting, dusting, highlighting, and pressing powders into complexion.
      • TBS06 The Fluffy Blending Brush - is a large, soft, round, fluffy blending brush perfects eyeshadow, diffusing harsh lines of demarcation.
      • TBS07 The Blending Brush - this slightly tapered eyeshadow blending brush is perfect for buffing, blending, and diffusing harsh lines.
      • TBS08 Small Blending Brush - this small, soft, round, fluffy blending brush perfects eyeshadow, diffuses harsh lines of demarcation, and makes working in smaller areas of the eye a breeze.
      • TBS09 The Shader Brush - this medium sized shader brush is flat, rounded at the tip, and dense, great for packing on powders, creams, and shimmers for a concentrated color payoff.

      For Care Instructions see our FAQs HERE.