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This group is for all things BEAUTEE! Beautees MUST demonstrate positive vibes only, only offer constructive criticism when asked and NO NEGATIVITY will be tolerated! If you're ready to enjoy a Sisterhood like NONE other, learn and share with others "Join the Movement"!

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What is The Beautee Shoppe?

The Beautee Shoppe is a space, created by CEO LisaP, where Christ has free reign to move in the lives of women from every corner of the world; a place where women uplift, empower, encourage, and love one another without reservation; a place of refuge from the cold world; and a place where women minister to one another while sharing their Beautee.

How do I join The Beautee Shoppe

Click HERE to submit a request to join.  Your Facebook page must contain public information that can be reviewed by our Group Moderators and you MUST answer all of the application questions or your request will be denied.

How long does it take to be added to the group?

New Beautees are ONLY added once per month, our Group Moderators review each request as well as the Facebook activity of the requestor. 

Requestors whose Facebook pages are private and those whose pages contain information not in keeping with the Beautee Shoppe brand are not accepted. 

What are the benefits of membership?

The Beautee Shoppe provides members exclusive content through our game changing, members only, program called Total Beautee.  Total Beautee was birthed in the Spirit of our CEO - LisaP and it is the Beautee Shoppe's limitless resource - reaching beyond the makeup industry - designed to minister to the Spirit and Soul of every woman, every where. 

Beautees also receive BSC discount codes and learn about our new products, restocks, and limited time offers earlier than the general public!

Are you ready for NEXT?

Join our paid, exclusive, private, subscription-based Facebook Group where our Mentees are educated, supported, and challenged to "Unleash the next level of Beautee in YOU"!

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How much does it cost?

Membership is ONLY $49.99 per month!  Plus, new members receive a complimentary skin care or makeup consultation with THEE LisaP!  

Yes, I said ONLY. Our average Slay Academy class is regularly priced at $65.00, a 30-minute Professional Consultation is priced at $50, a Master Class - which is a multi-session course - is regularly priced at $150, and a beginner makeup application course in-person or online STARTS at $799!  Believe me, this is a STEAL!

What are the benefits of membership?

Our Mentees receive exclusive content, including WEEKLY Members Only Makeup Classes - one of which is worth more than the cost of our monthly membership, pre-recorded how-to videos, MONTHLY special guest appearances, discounts and sales, learn about new products FIRST, and discounts on Services and Slay Academy offerings!

How do I join?

Click HERE to subscribe. You'll receive a Digital Download with additional information including a link to our Subscriber Enrollment Form immediately after purchase via email. You can also access the Digital Download from your order confirmation page.

I'm a Mentee and I'm having an issue. HELP!

Most Mentee questions are answered in the website FAQs HERE. Please review them FIRST and if you don't find the answer to your question email

Beautee Elite

Our Family of Influencers are dedicated to increasing their own visibility, using and promoting Beautee Shoppe Cosmetics, and supporting others - and one another - on their makeup education journey using their intrinsic quality, high intellect, special skills, and experience. 

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What is a "Beautee Elite"?

Makeup Influencers hand selected to serve on the Beautee Shoppe Cosmetics' PR (Public Relations) team.  As an Elite each Influencer is contractually obligated to follow the Elite Standard – we exude the fruits of the spirit, we are classy, talented, capable, resourceful, creative, and whole.  The Elite Standard extends to the products produced by an Elite – whether they be Facebook or Instagram Lives, Makeup Videos, or Photos promoting the brand product.  Our Elites prove that "There is beautee in every woman, but only the best are called Elite!"

Who's currently on the Elite Team?

As Brand Influencers and Professional Makeup Artists, each of our Elites display a unique set of talents, skills, and abilities.  These attributes make each Elite suited for Beautee Shoppe Cosmetics product demonstrations that include honest, authentic, and customized product reviews. 

Each of our Elite’s were selected because of their desire to grow their own brand, reach, visibility, and influence, but also because of their dedication to enriching the confidence, lives, and beautee of their supporters while keeping Christ at the forefront of all of their endeavors.  As a result, they're not just a team.  They're family!  Get to know our Elite Family below!

What are the qualifications of a Beautee Elite?

An applicant must be a follower of CHRIST, have a passion for Beautee, be committed to the craft of makeup, and have a heart to lead!  Applicants must have the scheduling flexibility to create quality promotional content several days per week, participate in group communications and strategy sessions, and MUST be open to learn from and teach others.

In addition, the individual must already be ACTIVELY using his/her Social Media pages to demonstrate his/her beauty skills by going Live, posting how-to content, and/or engaging his/her followers with product and educational material.

How do I become a Beautee Elite?

Click HERE to complete and submit the application. Please be sure to review the above qualifications prior to applying.

  • Tatiana Berry - PR Manager

    Tatiana Berry AKA Tati hails from the great state of California. She currently resides in Texas where she serves in leadership in corporae america, but she has always had a passion for the beauty industry.

    Tati has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2008. While she was primarily focused on professional hair styling, she has been focused on cultivating her makeup skills for the past decade under the mentorship of Thee LisaP.

    Tatiana’s leadership skills and extensive background in the beauty industry make her the perfect fit to lead our Beautee Elite Team!
    Use her Code TATI10 to save on your next order!

  • Elite Trell - True Beats By Trell

    Antrell Baker is a Lead Beautee Elite and she was selected as our FIRST Beautee Elite ❤️ She is talented, knowledgeable, comical, God-fearing, and has a heart of gold. Not to mention, she goes HARD with those brushes!!!

    Elite Trell is a follower of Christ, a certified MUA from South Carolina, and a cancer survivor! Trell discovered her passion for makeup after being diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. Now she works to inspire others while promoting Beautee Shoppe Cosmetics.

    Elite Trell's test became her testimony and she wants us all to know that no matter how BIG the fight, God has already won the battle! 

    Use her Code TRELL10 to save on your next order!

    Follow Trell on:

    Facebook: True Beats By Trell Instagram: @Trell_MUA1

  • Honorary Elite Janea - Faced By Janea

    Janea Martin is our Honorary Elite!!! While she does not go Live on Social Media, she works hard behind the scenes to support the brand and The CEO. She is a friend, a sister, and a force to be reckoned with in the Beautee Industry.

    Janea Martin is a fulltime Professional Makeup Artist who has done a variety of work with Celebrities, Tv/Production, Fit Modeling, Bridal, Maternity, Runway, Pageants, Male Grooming, Editorial, Children & Teens for many years. To date, Janea has serviced over 25 Celebrity Clients, over 60 Brides/Bridal Parties and has been the Key Makeup Artist for over 30 TV/Production Projects. Faced By Janea Makeup Studio in Oakland, CA provides Janea's everyday clients with an intimate and glamorous experience.

    Use her code FACED10 to save on your next order.

    Follow Janea on:
    Faced By Janea Instagram: @FacedByJanea

  • Elite Nudasha - LashinOut

    NuDasha Gratic-Fludd is a follower of Christ, mother of 3, expecting her first grandson in the spring of 2021. She spends her time on the road between NC, SC and VA, enjoying good music, food, wine, cigars, and all things beauty.

    Elite NuNu is a creative entrepreneur who specializes in lash extensions and facial services, including skin care and makeovers. NuDasha was thrust into the transforming affects of makeup as a domestic violence survivor. 

    As traumatizing as these events were, even they worked together for her good - leading her to create LashinOut, LLC. Having been in the industry for 8 years, she is a master of everyday facial care, beauty transformations, and creative beauty branding.

    Use her Code NUNU10 to save on your next order!

    Follow Nudasha on:

    Facebook: LashinOutLLC